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You start by setting up an account and creating a meal profile. How many meals per week, which diet and your personalizations.

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After you create an account, you can pick the individual meals each week from our rotating menu. We will create default choices for you, but you can always personalize it to your liking.

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Meals are delivered fresh, never frozen to your door. Leave a cooler out for your delivery or we will provide one.

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Customer Reviews

Plans start at $11.99 per meal to save you time and fuel your passions. These are a few things others have said.

  • As a new mother who works full time and trains competitively, I know how difficult it can be for find time to properly feed yourself (and your family). Origin helped me alleviate that stress and offers me well balanced meals. They have been a game changer for my life.

    Darcy L - Crossfit Coach

    Chicago, IL

  • My husband and I have been Origin Meals clients (superfans, actually) for several years. We love knowing that the meals that arrive on our doorstep are high-quality and nutritionally balanced, and it takes the guesswork out of what to bring for lunch or what to have for dinner.

    Melissa P

    Minneapolis, MN

  • For me, my meals need to be convenient and healthy. Origin Meals has provided both of these for last couple of years...Now that I’m a subscriber, I always know my meals will be waiting for me at the gym.And seeing the menu ahead of time, complete with macro nutrition info, makes it so much easier to plan out my macros for the week.

    Andrew K

    Minneapolis, MN

  • Origin Meals has been a perfect fit for someone like me who prioritizes eating healthy and balancing a busy work schedule. Optimizing my time with other business endeavors while knowing my meals and portion size is already taken care is a huge factor in why I have been a long-time customer.

    Joe H

    Minneapolis, MN

Whole30 Approved Partner

Being Whole30 Approved means that we've met the rigorous standards set for the Whole30 Program. This means we use only the highest quality proteins and vegetables and never cook with highly refined oils or sugars. We've built a personal relationship with the Whole30 team and are proud to offer compliant meals as a part of our service to you.

The Highest Standards

We source our chicken right here in the midwest. Our chicken is always fresh and antibiotic free.
We use Grass Run Farms to provide 100% grass-fed beef in all our meals. Happier cows and happier bellies.
All of our pork is antibiotic free with no added nitrites or sugar. We call that eating high on the hog.
We've partnered with Surrender salmon, a Minnesota-based company, to source wild-caught sockeye salmon.

Our Pledge

Sustainability From A To Z


Other services use one-time packaging with lots of waste that you and the earth pay for. Being a local provider we utilize reusable coolers and ice packs with every delivery.

Many customers choose to use a pickup location near them or at a location they already travel to. This means fewer trips and uncessary vehicle emissions.

All of our containers are BPA free, microwave and dishwasher safe, and are fully-recylable. Our white containers are accepted by all major recycling programs in our service areas.

Serving the Midwest

We offer direct to your door delivery across many major metro areas in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois. Check our delivery map zip code checker to see we can deliver right to you!

Not in a delivery zone? We are adding new delivery areas regularly so please send us a note to request service in your area.

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