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Responsibly Sourced


All of our chicken is sourced from Gerber's Poultry in Kidron, OH. Gerber's chickens are fed an all vegetarian diet with no sub-therapeutic antibiotics, no animal by-products, no growth stimulants and no added hormones.


All of our beef come from Revier Cattle Company in Olivia, MN. Revier's cattle have space to move around in large, grassy pastures. These cattle are grass-fed and flaxseed finished - boosting their Omega-3 content by 300% compared to that of conventional beef.


Our Certified Duroc pork comes from Mrs. Pork farms in Glencoe, MN. Mrs. Pork's all natural pork is minimally processed and does not contain artificial coloring, ingredients, or chemical preservatives. No hormones are added in the raising of Mrs. Pork's hogs.


We source our produce from BIX, a locally owned and operated company. We buy local and organic produce whenever possible.