Delivery Questions


Do you deliver to my address?

To see if we delivery to your home, head to our order page, click on delivery, and enter your address. If it is outside of our delivery zone, you can head to the locations tab on our site to see if there is a convenient drop site near you for pick up!


What does home delivery cost?

$10/week for one delivery per week (3 day or 2 day plans)

$15/week for two deliveries per week (5 day plans)


When will my meals be delivered when using the home delivery service?



Do I have to be home for my delivery?

Nope! Many of our customers leave coolers out for us to drop their meals in. We also have cooler bags and ice packs to leave if you are not home and don’t have anything out for us. Please leave the cooler bag out for your next delivery or drop it at our nearest pick up location if you discontinue using our home delivery service.


Do you deliver to apartments?

Yes. If you live in an apartment, please leave detailed instructions for our delivery driver when placing your order. If we can’t gain access to the building or get ahold of you we will not leave the meals outside of the building. They will instead be delivered to our office, contact info@originmeals to arrange your pick up.


Will I be notified when my meals have been delivered?

We will send you an email and text notification when your meals have been delivered.


Pickup Questions


What time will my meals be available for pick up?

Meals will be at your chosen pick up location as soon as that location opens on your pick up day.  Please check the gym schedule to coordinate your pick up time.  Some gyms have gaps in the middle of they day when they do not have classes and they lock their doors!


When will meals be available for pick-up at my selected location?


If you order a 5-day meal package, all of your meals will be available for pickup on Monday morning. This schedule only applies for the holidays!

3-day meal packages will be available for pickup on Monday morning as soon as your chosen locations opens. Please coordinate your pick up time with their class schedule! This schedule only applies for the holidays!

2-day meal packages will also be available for pickup Monday morning as soon as your chosen location opens. Please coordinate your pick up time with their class schedule! This schedule only applies for the holidays! 


General Questions


What is the difference between your meal plans?

Meal Plans

Paleo Strict: Our original menu that follows the Paleo diet. This means proteins, vegetables, healthy fats, and minimal fruits.

Paleo Plus: A modified Paleo menu that includes gluten-free grains and legumes for a more approachable diet or an added boost of energy.

Vegetarian: A gluten-free and dairy-free vegetarian menu featuring lots of veggies, whole grains, healthy fats, and tons of flavor.


How do I reheat my meals?

Meal Heating Instructions

For meals that we recommend heating, sautéing in a skillet is the preferred method:

Place contents of meal in skillet, turn burner to medium heat, stirring as necessary until desired warmth is achieved.

For those on the go, our containers are microwave friendly:

Remove lid, microwave on high in 45 second intervals, stirring as necessary, until desired warmth is achieved.


What's the nutritional makeup of your meals?

You can read all of the nutritional information of each meal by using the links on the menu page for that particular week. Here are a couple of examples of what you will find:

For Example, one Standard meal might contain:
3 oz. Protein (i.e. Chicken)
7 oz. Carbohydrate (i.e. Broccoli)
2-3 Tablespoon Fat (i.e. Salad Dressing)

For Example, one XL meal would contain:
5 oz. Protein (i.e. Chicken)
9 oz. Carbohydrate (i.e. Broccoli)
3-4 Tablespoon Fat (i.e. Salad Dressing)


Are your containers recyclable?

The containers we use are #5 plastic.  Check with your local recycling company to see if they will pick-up #5 curbside. We are currently working with Preserve Products and their Gimme 5 program to develop a recycling system...stay tuned!


Can I pause my subscription?

Yes! Pauses are processed through the customer subscription management portal. 

1. Log into your account using the button at the top of this page

2. Select "manage subscriptions"

3. Select "upcoming charge schedule" 

4. Select the "skip" option for the charge related to the week you are intending to skip. Remember, charges are made on the day of the deadline for the upcoming order week. Please make adjustments prior to the order deadline day to avoid errant charges. 

Can you accommodate food allergies and special requests?

Yes.  You'll find a "Food Allergies and Intolerances" form as you complete the ordering process.  If you have specific food allergies or sensitivities or have strong food dislikes, we'll ensure you don't receive these ingredients.

Note that we may substitute a different meal in place of modifying ingredients within a dish and/or you will receive doubles of another meal that week.


Have a question not answered above?  Have a suggestion for other information we could provide? E-mail us at info@originmeals.com ...we'd love to hear from you!