What is the Paleo Diet?

We could start off by telling you about how important proper nutrition is. We could start off by telling you that it’s become harder and harder to balance eating well with our hectic, tightly-scheduled lives. We could start off by telling you that, in order for you to maximize your personal fitness, that your diet has to change as well.  

Of course, you already knew all of that.

If you’re reading this, odds are you are interested in your health, fitness, and nutrition, whether you’re just starting off making a plan to set in motion a lifestyle change, or you’re a dedicated CrossFit athlete looking for the tools to help push your body to it’s maximum. Unfortunately, while you may have a clear vision of your goals and what, exactly, you would like to accomplish, it can be extremely difficult to find the information that will help you on your journey.

Maybe that’s where we can help you.

Fueling your life with health first and foremost in our mind is our business, but it’s also our passion. It wouldn’t really be enough to simply hand you a meal, without also supplying an insight into the philosophy behind it. Our original focus has always been on one of the most talked-about diets in recent years: The Paleo Diet. Maybe you’re familiar with it, maybe you’re a strict adherent of it, or maybe you have absolutely no idea what we’re talking about. So, we thought it would be a good idea to not only give an overview of the Paleo Diet and its benefits, but also why we think it’s one of the best ways to boost your fitness performance, whatever your skill level, age, or currently fitness level.

The Paleo Diet isn’t new – It’s very, very old. One of the main ideas behind the paleo, short for “Paleolithic” diet is that it returns us to the type of foods we were evolved to eat. It’s evident that some change in the human diet in between the hunter-gatherer days and now has negatively affected our ability to metabolize and process the food we eat. Today’s diet, which is rich in refined grains, sugar, and other inflammatory foods, prevents our body from operating at peak capacity, limiting our ability to be active, healthy, and in shape. By cutting out these food groups, you are not only limiting the number of excess calories you consume (without counting them, per se!), but eating a diet that naturally helps stabilize your blood sugar, keep you feeling full, and reduces inflammation in the body. Here is a great first hand account from The Atlantic about the benefits of eating paleo and the benefits of reducing inflammation in your body.

Great! You’ve decided to start eating clean and overhaul your diet, but how can this help power up your workday and catapult you toward your health goals? The benefit of the paleo diet, or simply eating clean in general, is that you dramatically reduce the amount of effort your body has to put in to compensate for all the empty calories, sugar, and processed additives. Here’s a great article from Nerd Fitness that talks about exactly this – it’s all about keeping your blood sugar stable and the amount of inflammation in your body as low as possible, which will give you the energy you need to tackle anything head-on. 

Understanding your body, and making conscious choices about your lifestyle, are important no matter what your personal goals are. Whether you're an aspiring CrossFit champion, or simply want to start eating well to feel well, hopefully you feel inspired and motivated to dig a little deeper, understand your body, and get back to treating it the way it was meant to be treated.

Published on: Monday, July 04