How to Choose the Right Meal Plan

Choosing the Right Plan for You

We offer a wide variety of plan options to fit your individual needs, but which one is best for you? Read on to find out more. 

Delivery Days: 

We deliver twice a week to keep your fridge freshly stocked. Our first delivery is our 3-day plans and our second delivery is for our 2-day plans. Combine the two with a 5-day plan and get meals with each delivery. 

plan options

*Note that our home and office deliveries are performed on the Sunday/Monday for first delivery and Wednesday for our second delivery. 

Menu Choices

You choose the days and plan type you want and we take care of the rest. You do not have to pick and choose each individual meal you want, our team of talented chefs delivers to you a diverse set of meals sure to keep your taste buds excited. Have an allergy or severe dislike? Note them during the order process and we will automatically substitute something else for you. 

Plan choices:

When choosing a plan you have three options: paleo (strict), paleo plus gluten-free grains, and vegetarian. All of our plans are free of gluten, soy and dairy. 

PaleoOur original line of meals that focus on whole food ingredients: high quality proteins, vegetables, nuts and seeds. This line is best for those looking adhere strictly to the paleo protocol.

Paleo Plus Gluten-Free GrainsThis option takes our original line and adds in gluten-free grains and legumes for those who want more flexibility, and higher levels of dense carbohydrates like rice or quinoa.

Vegetarian: This plan is a modification of our Paleo Plus meals with a meat-free substitute. Expect plenty of variety with legumes and mushrooms, while keeping it dairy and soy free.



An entry level that is well suited for those looking for smaller portion sizes. Nutrition information varies by plan type and item so be sure to reference the "Nutrition Info" links on our current week menu page.


Our most popular size that fills you up and keeps you full throughout your day.  


Designed for athletes and people looking for the largest portions we can fit in a container. You're going to need a bigger fork. 


Available with our dinner plans, a family meal is the equivalent of 4 of our standard size portions. Many find this feeds 4-6 people depending on levels of appetites. These meals also come in handy oven safe containers for a quick and easy dinner! 

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner:

You can choose whatever combination of meals best suits your needs. Work lunches? Covered. Late-night dinners? Check. You can mix and match to fit whatever you need! 

Subscribe and Save:

Our subscription system is the best way to set it and forget it. Most of our customers choose this option so they don’t have to remember to order each week -  meals just arrive like clockwork. There is no commitment you can cancel without penalty at anytime for any reason. Just remember to cancel before the next order deadline.

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Published on: Friday, April 28